Canada’s Cup At The Toronto Waters

The Canada’s Cup was first competed in the year 1896. The 24th edition of the race has kicked started on the 10th of September 2016 and will be held till the 14th September. This challenge driven race is between Canada and United States of America. The defender of the race event is Royal Canadian Yacht Club of Toronto and the challenger team is the Sodus Bay Yacht Club of NY.

This prestigious and famous regatta and match race will be taking place in the Great Lakes region. The top sailors and yacht designers are attracted to this race because of its rich heritage and history. The key aspect of this regatta is the challenge that it poses for the boat and the sail design. This is a challenge driven race that has 5 race series and a fight between two boats. The defending boat this year is Hollandia from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and the challenging boat is Yquem 1 from Youngstown Yacht Club.

Team Hollandia is helmed by Bryan Gooderham – the owner of Split Yacht Charter – and this boat is a four time champion that was launched in 2005. The crews of team Hollandia are: Rob Emery, Mike Wolf, Erwyn Naidoo, Will Gyles, Jennifer Provan, Michael Rustom and Peter Wickwire.

The US yacht Yquem is named after a popular French vineyard. It is owned by Guy Jones and was designed by Pelle Peterson of Sweden. Yquem is a very popular boat that has so far won three eight-meter world championships, a North American and a European Championship.

There is a very keen interest among many of the sailing enthusiasts from the USA and Canada in this challenge race. There are many expecting the Canadian team on the Hollandia to put up a very good show in Toronto and to lift the 24th edition of the Canada’s Cup.