McLaren Report For World Sailing

There are norms that need to be followed in World Sailing events. Many consultancies and firms are involved in determining that the participants who apply are adhering to the rules, guidelines and parameters set. One Russian sailor has been excluded from the Rio Olympics as certain guidelines were found to be inconsistent as per the guidelines set for the Olympics.

Indeed, World Sailing plays an important role when it comes to deciding on the sailors from the different countries who wish to participate in the sailing Olympics. There have been a team of seven sailors from Russia who have applied to participate in Rio Olympics, but one participant was found to have not adhered to the requirements set for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The McLaren report is sent in to judge the physical fitness of the participants. The report is being commissioned by the World Anti Doping Agency. As per the report of this agency, six of the seven sailors from this country have been cleared for the Olympic Games. Based on the provisional report submitted the World Sailing organization has confirmed that these sailors from Russia will be able to compete in the Rio Olympics.

The Russian team can have another sailor added as a replacement. Indeed, with Sozykin being denied participation in the team, his partner Denis Gribanov has to find another partner to replace him – with rumours he will take Gabbilov (of Yacht Charter in Croatia fame).

The competition category is 470 Men’s Class – this is a racing category that needs two sailors to be part of the sailing race. Hence the Russian Olympic Committee will have to replace the athlete and nominate another candidate. World Sailing plays a crucial role in determining the nominations and candidature from the different countries who wish to compete in the sailing sports categories. The preparations for the Olympics are on at full steam now.