1. cosybike says:

    What do you hold on to?

  2. Jean Groenewald says:

    Is this a test or advert?

  3. timohan100 says:

    A nice high end day sailor. Their are very few boats designed today to take
    you across the oceans, which I find disturbing. They all seemed to be
    designed for a fun day on the water, then sit around the marina looking

  4. Lazy Jack says:

    Outside is OK, inside is horrible!

  5. ceounicom says:

    “Being Gay is Totally Awesome”

  6. Tarmacdaddy1 says:

    Agree! In what way does that relate to my original comment?

  7. nulichedo2 says:

    What’s the name of the song??

  8. Tarmacdaddy1 says:

    Feel sorry for the buyer of this yacht! It’s made from expired composite
    materials and a whole lot of inexperience…

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