1. babyface366 says:

    My poor wife enjoyed this show before she past away. She loved alot of the
    britsh sitcoms.

  2. HeartofIce says:

    Patricia Rutledge – I will love you forever. 🙂

  3. Miss Jonna says:

    Poor Richard xD

  4. Abbeysums says:

    I adore this show as well…it has inspired me to invite only the highest
    class of individuals to my own deed restricted community house (on the
    waterfront) to attend my own candle light dinners and to aspire to greater
    snootiness in every avenue of my life.

  5. navcar vanrr says:

    @imanegg2 well, for me it’s Onslow!

  6. Jake k says:

    This one is my favorite episode EVER. =)

  7. happysushikittyparty says:

    I’m sitting here completely surrounded by no beer!

  8. Gigi Johnson says:

    I wonder why they replaced rose? There was a different actress the first

  9. jamesonyancey says:

    Good Morning Madam, Are you the one with the wonky telly?

  10. 9giacomo says:

    thank you for putting on the web these funny evergreen episodes…is there
    the possibility of seeing some more? thanks

  11. Nina .Vale says:

    what I want you to do is insert one of those little things that go blip
    over every explitive’ I don’t know how it is in UK but as long as I know
    the chanel that airs the program can insert blip that rings over curses and

  12. ilovepickle says:

    @crystaldragon Amen!!

  13. xxxmuirsxxx says:

    Go to 5.47 and pause! LOL funny isnt it? x x xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. trishy7678 says:

    hello my name is Mrs. Bouquet , B.U.C.K.E.T lol HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  15. Snapefan1971 says:

    My Mom absolutely adores this show. The funniest episode was when Hyacinth
    got drunk and started singing–howling more like it.

  16. billy lilly says:

    youv have to love poor richard and onslow

  17. Ricky Masterson says:

    This has got to be the funniest episode!!!!! I would love to marry Hyacinth
    Bucket. Ha Ha Ha

  18. mrsbundleberry says:

    the look on her face when she sees his toe!

  19. imanegg2 says:

    Thid show is one of the funniest shows i’ve ever seen. This is one of my
    favorite episode I think my favorite character in this show is Daisy.

  20. bexy boo says:

    lmfaaoo with another old bucket haha emmet funny there x

  21. GandSAfan says:

    “Just imagine, a whole night on board some old bucket…with another old
    Bucket!!” Heh Heh Heh!

  22. Teri Duncan says:

    my fav is “As Time Goes By” and others..but this is the first one they show
    over here in USA on pbs for BBC…

  23. taureanshaun says:

    what magnificent candelabra, don’t you think? reminds me of great times,
    sitting with all my family around the table watching. we can be doing with
    more of the likes of this! TS

  24. george77772moons says:

    I don’t rlly like her. I mean, yea, she makes this show ridiculously funny,
    but she’s a boaster and a menace 2 richard and every1 else around her. poor
    richard… also, this show kicks major ***. 5/5, favorited, and

  25. Frank S says:

    This is by far my favorite episode of them all!!

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