Yacht parking places goes for US$ 3 million

If you believe that you have a whole lot to park your car, so attempt to look for a place for your yacht. Well, as if the boats were not really expensive enough, but Harbour 26, a new “dockominium” in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, is charging up to US$ 3 million for yacht parking spots, said to Battle Plan Capital, an Alabama-based investment group behind the development.

The twenty six totally covered, hurricane-rated boat slips each come with a 2-story storage adeptness along with an enwrapped garage as well as additional car parking. The harbor that is around 5 minutes from Fort Lauderdale airport, is also set to have a full club house on the place, with a pool, entertainment and fitness centers, barbeque as well as twenty four hour security, in case owners are bored aboard their very own yachts.

A Battle Plan Capital release said that the plans target to offer a home-base for the vessels and also particularly their crews. Contest for the US$3 million places that measure hundred and seventy feet by forty feet — will be stiff, since just 2 such spaces exist. Smaller slips go for US$ 1.8 million and US$ 2.4 million.

Construction is all set to start in May and is scheduled to end in time for summer 2016. As of now, 8 of the twenty six slips are sold.