1. Haifisch NZ says:

    Would you please review the HR55

  2. James Kilroy says:

    Very well done review as usual, I really appreciate your style in front of
    the camera, down to business. I thought carbon stanchions were a no-no for
    any kind of racing?

  3. Castaway says:

    Do you ever review catamarans?

  4. Jared Peterson says:

    you should review a catamaran 

  5. daviddb says:

    Is it just me or is the sound a bit “mumbly” compared to your usual

  6. goph999 says:

    Middle Eastern composite specialists, that seems a little bit odd.
    We in Sweden have imported thousands and thousands of so called
    specialists. The only thing they good at are raping woman.

  7. 2dthoughts says:

    Great review? Do you ever review multihulls?

  8. 1962moe says:

    too me the boat is totally un-user friendly with any necessity to be so !
    why all the hidden stuff like the bow roller and the engine controls
    specially when you are going to handled it when docking its looks very

  9. fletchlives66 says:

    This guy is the best reviewer around…..

  10. ATubeYouAre says:

    This type of design is an either LOVE IT or HATE IT. For me, I find it ugly
    and lacking character and charm. I would not want to spend days at sea in
    such a tacky looking boat. But I’m sure it has great appeal for some

  11. Tom Hudgins says:

    The audio on this is terrible. I love these reviews but you do tend to
    swallow your words a bit so you need to get good sound. This is practically
    unwatchable for me.

  12. Antoine Albert says:

    “Well ironed shirt” sorry

  13. White Box Photography says:

    Dude, Fire your sound guy already!

  14. El Flaco says:

    Very good review like usual.

  15. John Niven says:

    You have the best job I can think of.

  16. 1962moe says:

    oh and no toe rails ?? that is not safe specailly if you have a crew and
    racing the damn boat you should of made carbon fiber toe rails instead of a
    carbon fiber toilet ! lol !

  17. fletchlives66 says:

    Can you teach the reviewers at YBWTV to do detailed reviews? They tend to
    get bogged down on camera shots of themselves and skip the details

  18. Alexander Barbieri says:

    How much is it ?

  19. Antoine Albert says:

    And if it is possible, for the agreement of each, should it be possible to
    the reviewer to be well dressed and correctly shaved, and ask to his
    employer a stock of well ironed 

  20. 2dthoughts says:

    I imagine he’ll review anything they put him on.

  21. 2dthoughts says:

    Nowhere on YouTube is safe from the comment Police.

  22. Yann K says:

    Great review as usual but please get the sound sorted or articulate more
    because it is hard to get every single words you say… The sound quality
    keeps changing throughout the film, thanks for sharing anyway

  23. JoJo Kadilihopper says:

    Composite? No toe rails? good review, but do not like the boat. 

  24. Mr. Midshipman says:

    Carbon Fiber isn’t all its cracked up to be. Its doesn’t like Ultra Violet
    rays, and if you nick it, its lost all its strength like those Stanchions.
    I wish you would have covered that decking more. Bet ya that’s better than
    real teak though that also don’t weather well. Bottom line; I don’t see it
    any better than the other boats in the 45-52″ class. Conventionally
    speaking. Thanks for showing it.

  25. Bullerias says:

    No toe rails, wtf?

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