1. Frank Hapke says:


  2. Reinaldo Barroso says:

    Good, but, for Brazil ….expensive !!!!!

  3. David Hopkins says:

    Great video. Thanks. So often boat “reviews” seem much more like
    advertisements with nothing critical ever said. I hope to see more boats
    covered this way.

  4. Bernie Lueder says:

    Like the improvement, the revamp did it for me

  5. B. Lovett says:

    May be able to use like a flared shim for the rope guide? Like the

  6. Yacht Store says:


    *Bavaria Cruiser 33*

  7. goph999 says:

    Nice touch. Locker there and a locker there and here is another locker.
    Good ventilation. Freezer there and another here. Oh here is another
    locker. Huge stovage here.

  8. Yachting Monthly says:

    Thanks Alexandru, always appreciate feedback. Those are the dark satanic
    mills of Southampton, near The Solent. Re: conditions, we get what we get.
    We’d like to have her for a week and test in all sorts of weather but the
    practicalities rule it out: UK Bavaria agent Clipper Marine has test sails
    booked and we’ve got a magazine to make. If you see yourself taking on some
    lively weather, she’s probably not the boat for you. Great coastal cruiser
    but not designed for North Atlantic gales. Chris

  9. Alexandru Maioru says:

    1. Good introduction to the B-33 – thank you. 2. While informative, I
    believe a test should be (much) more than a stroll in a… pond. I would
    like to benefit from the gained knowledge of a person who experienced first
    hand some boisterous condition I myself might get into some day. If car
    testing reviews would take place in a cul-de-sac environment at 10-15 mph I
    doubt will be exhilarating reading… 3. Where is the dark apocalyptic
    industrial background you find for the video shooting?

  10. Nautical PappyStu says:

    Well done video as always… Pappy

  11. Barrailler Guy says:

    Formidable optimisation des volumes,et systèmes intéressants.

  12. Jonathan Brier says:

    Looks just great…good job Richard and Clipper Marine the boat looks
    really well presented and Bavaria Yachts, another first class boat. To
    learn how to sail a yacht like this just visit Jonathan Brier Yachting’s
    Solent Sailing School.RYA training courses delivered aboard Bavaria
    Yachts… Jonathan Brier Yachting

  13. Gregory Ho says:

    What are sea cocks???

  14. GRr01 says:

    Cool, I don’t see Chris this satisfied often. Guess it might be a
    surprisingly nice boat from Bavaria!

  15. John Cusick says:

    when i win the lottery i will buy one. for now for a pauper like me who has
    just been made redundant i will continue with my intro 22 and gawp at these
    bigger yachts with interest

  16. Migus29 says:

    I wonder if they “fixed” the old model problem which made it tilt to Port
    even on dock… really, it was THAT bad!

  17. 2007Gelin says:

    Have you done any reviews of the previous Bavaria 33 Cruiser (2006-07)? I
    couldn’t find any tests of that boat. I was wondering what would say if you
    compare it with this new model…

  18. spelunkerd says:

    I’ve always liked reviews that do more than speak of the positives. More
    trustworthy. Good job!

  19. YachtSalesWestCanada says:

    A positive yet fair review! We would be happy to set up a test sail for any
    serious inquiries on the west coast (North America).

  20. OnEvenKeel says:

    Excellent, honest review! Thanks!

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