1. TheSailingChannel.TV says:

    An very well done and entertaining review with excellent info, good pausing
    to let the music play for the scene, an excellent cinematography. And hats
    off to the talent too.

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    slash sail. 

  2. Cillian Mack says:

    beautiful boats built to last and take what ever is thrown at them. would
    trust an old swan to cross an ocean before any modern build 

  3. onsdag2k says:

    love this reviews ,, have you ever reviewed a Comfort 32 ?

  4. bedspread02 says:

    Beautiful yacht, the sound of the seagulls was overpowering. I really like
    these reviews, keep them coming!

  5. J. Mark Zedlitz says:

    Beautiful boat! Enjoyed the review!

  6. Mr. Midshipman says:

    It’s a cutter. At 4:15 I don’t know, must a teenager at the helm.

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