1. bavaria32crusier says:

    wir haben die gleiche aber unser unterwasserschiff ist rot und wir haben
    schönere segel !! gutes video

  2. Antoine Albert says:

    video is good, but the music !!! terrific, it does not give any envy yo
    stay with Bavaria..

  3. radbcc says:

    @nallepuh6969 why?

  4. Ichi San says:

    These boats are just as bad as Hunters

  5. YachtSalesWestCanada says:

    @nallepuh6969 Come see me and check out one for yourself! I had one out in
    35 knots and 6 foot high tailing seas coming home from the boat show last
    year. Loved it!

  6. nallepuh6969 says:

    the best looking bavaria so far(r), but I’d still doubt it’s seaworthiness

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