1. paulo il guerrillero says:

    wonderful boat !!!

  2. Hal Russy says:

    “…it’s nothing to do, everything is push buttons….” nevertheless a
    great boat!

  3. GILLEBRATH says:

    The bells and whistles,yes ,mostly self self evident info. What may have
    been more interesting to many, the engine specs,at least a peek at it,
    that,s my only question. A good review,never the less,thanks

  4. NoodleNinjah says:

    The helm station is top grade, reminds me of the HR64

  5. Yachting Monthly says:

    Chris did have a very short lived sales career, he was too honest! We’re
    not trying to sell boats – only magazines :0)

  6. DrakeParagon's The Real Cruising Life says:

    Wow, very nice boat and a really great tour! I really liked the cockpit
    helm controls, the salon viewing port in the topsides, the tv, and the
    washing machine. Wondering what she has for batteries, engine, tankage…
    Looking forward to the next tour,

  7. Kai Galli says:

    Chris is da man!

  8. NoodleNinjah says:

    Subtitles for what? He’s speaking English

  9. Lex Luthor says:

    I would love to be able to afford a yacht that makes sailing this easy.
    “One finger boat.” i can’t even stand up straight in my 30 footer 🙁

  10. TheSailingChannel.TV says:

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  11. deephousemanagement says:

    Great review, I’ve earmarked one of these or maybe even the 64 when I win
    the lottery..

  12. Svein Arne Grønnevik says:

    At least he gives us subscribers honest reviews. So thumbs up for Chris! 🙂

  13. baddogonline says:

    I like Chris’ matter-of-fact reviews. It helps me judge for myself, instead
    of being swayed by too much flash. I feel more informed by both the good
    and the bad. I think to myself, “Oh, the builders should have done this or
    that differently.”

  14. radbcc says:

    Actually, that is the type of sales person that I gravitate towards.

  15. Marcus Dragonwing says:

    I love Chris’s reviews. “A bit of padding wouldn’t go a miss!” LOL! Tell it
    like it is. Keep up the good work.

  16. William Jones says:

    Try thinking for yourself

  17. Yachting Monthly says:

    That is Chris being excited :0)

  18. christopherhanges says:

    Yes, great practical points made, amazing review. You could use auto pilot
    whilst dabbing the two buttons for easing and furling. I notice you like
    two cabins and work cabin in these size of boats – totally agree – i.e. two
    couples/couple and skipper/couple and children max. perfect. It should also
    be noted that having this winch system means you can not only trim easily,
    but also retain larger higher powered genoas without relying on self
    tacking staysails or solent jibs which are smaller.

  19. manhenk says:

    what a great boat but the host doesn´t really seem excited. I guess he is
    used to better stuff or maybe this is simply Hallberg Rassy Standard..
    nothing special.. 😀

  20. radbcc says:

    Let me be clear, I appreciate his honesty and low key approach…

  21. edjfinn says:

    Listen, and you will hear what he’s saying. With something of that price
    range, I liked his approach, do not sway me with glitz and glamour, show me
    the real deal please!

  22. Ayrtonman says:

    I love Chris’s reviews, very down to earth, no b.s., very descriptive, Love
    it, keep em reviews coming.

  23. crkemppainen says:

    That’s a nice sailboat! I am going to get some pieces of clear plexi to
    copy her shower for my own now!

  24. jerojonas says:

    Este barco es una pasada !! asi vale !! tiene hasta lavadora y una
    bodeguilla donde otros solo tienen una sentiona con aceite del motor y agua
    sucia. !! menuda joya !!

  25. Bullerias says:

    Big ass wheel for a 41 footer

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