Hodgdon Yachts sets up Comanche racing yacht

It has almost been around a year since Jim Clark accredited Hodgdon Yachts to make him a brand new racing yacht. This last weekend, the new racer the Comanche, at last touched down in the waters of Boothbay.

Hundreds and hundreds of people assembled in East Boothbay’s Shipbuilder’s Park last Saturday, immediately next to the Hodgdon Yachts, to see the vessel’s launch. With red and black paint and at hundred feet long by thirty feet wide, the hull of the boat crawl out of its warehouse construction on stilts and made its path to the platform which would lower this into the sea.

Hodgdon Yachts’ human resources director Neal Williamson told that a crew of around sixty people served to complete the making in around one year on a project which he said might have take up to 2 years.

Williamson told that this is typically a 2 year build that they did in one year. It was a lot of hours. They do not typically do several shifts, but for a long period of time, they did 2 shifts. About thirty or forty workers from Hodgdon Yachts, 20 from NewCube and ten from Maine based construction company Cianbro had worked on the yacht.

NewCube is the firm that directly represented Clark. That crew finished the build of the hull of the boat at Hodgdon Yacht facility in Boothbay, but building of the keel and mast were outsourced to firms in Italy and New Zealand.