All Girls Sailing Voyage on Legendary ‘Maiden’

Courtney Koos is a sailor and a former student of Bowdoin College. She is currently sailing the 58-foot renowned yacht, Maiden. It is the same vessel which was by a legendary sailor from Britain, Tracy Edwards in the year 1989 when she was the skipper of the very first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race.

Maiden has been newly restored after thirty years. It is on a voyage that will go on for almost two and a half years covering 32 destinations across 17 nations. This time it is also an all-female crew from hailing from different countries.


2019 Sporting Calendar of YCCS Announced

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS) sporting calendar has been launched officially in Milan. It is the same venue where One Ocean Foundation was presented last year.

The Commodore of YCCS, Riccardo Bonadeo was the one who started the press conference addressing all attendees with thanks. He said, “The fact we are here if because of those who believe the kind of sporting activities we have and in our efforts and activities for the protection of the sea.”

Brazil To Host The Final Stop Of World Freestyle Kiteboarding Championships

After Turkey and Morocco witnessed the qualifier rounds for an exciting and entertaining freestyle kiteboarding championship, Brazil is all set to witness the historical and grand finale for the championship. The Cumbuco city of Brazil where the semi-finals took place will also conduct the finale of this championship which will witness some of the top athletes and aficionado of the freestyle kiteboarding game.

The World Kiteboarding Championship came into existence after Kiteboard Riders Association (KRA) thought of a world tour for this. The KRA came across this idea after getting a great positive response from the fans and seeing the humungous fan base, they considered a world tour for this game as the best option to establish a link between the fans and the game. The WKC is the title holders and is totally sponsored and sanctioned by the World Sailing and the GKA.

Andy Maloney Excited To Work With Josh Junior

Kiwi Sailors Josh Junior and Andy Maloney are planning to make a bright future for them. After achieving the Americas Cup with the New Zealand Team last year, the two sailors have gone back to the Olympic sailing field with a mission to compete at the Games. Although both are trying, only one would be eligible to make it to Tokyo in 2020. Maloney took part in the 2016 campaign of laser class and now turned to the Finn for this year. He has put himself in direct race with Junior as you can have only one representative from each country. There may be some underlying confusion for their supports, but Junior and Maloney are very clear and know what they want.

Maloney said they have planned it well and are in agreement as far as running the campaign together is concerned. They are keen to lend support to each other to improve to give out their best performance, and regardless of who goes to the Games, but the team will have a chance to win a medal. They believe that to reach to the top, a best training partner by your side is important. The duo has earned a spot in the country at the Olympics and will give it their best shot next month at the World Championships in Denmark. The Kiwis should reach among the top 8 nations to seek a qualification spot.


With four time America Cup winner Grant Simmer announced as the new chief executive of Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing, Sir Ben Ainslie has labeled the move a “massive coup.” Simmer is the replacement for Martin Whitmarsh for the team based in Portsmouth. The former chief executive would head BAR Technologies division that is just established.

Ainslie is excited that a vast experienced man in Simmer is taking over the team. The four-time Olympic gold medalist feels Simmer would bring the much needed boost to his team. The four-time America Cup winner has featured ten times at the tournament. He was on the Australian team that broke America’s 132-year reign back in 1983. The 60-year old also won titles with Swiss side Alinghi and American side Oracle.

While the world awaits an official announcement and photo-ops, the general notion is that with Simmer’s departure from Oracle, Larry Ellison’s team will not be competing in 2021. Simmer is expected to bring some success to Ainslie’s team, who lost to New Zealand in the playoff semis in June.

“I’m really excited about it. We’ve obviously worked together a couple of time before and to be honest he was the only guy I wanted,” Ainslie said.

The race team owner added that he hoped people did not see Whitmarsh’s movement into a new role as a demotion. Whitmarsh is expected to remain an “advisor” to the team while he primarily works on commercializing the technologies developed through the team. Ainslie said Whitmarsh couldn’t commit full time to the race team and that his skill set much better aligns with the BAR Technologies and business sides.

Simmer is expected to begin work immediately, “spotting inefficiencies” and managing the budget “effectively.” He is expected to fully relocate from Australia in the new year.

Sailing through the Sound

A super yacht, worth £200million, has been seen cruising across the sound after being shifted from the dockyerd of Devonport. The yacht’s name is Alamshar. It belongs to The Aga Khan, who leads world’s twenty million Ismaili Muslims.

There were rumors regarding sailing about Aga Khan’s purchase after he came to lift it up at start of July. The 164 ft long yacht – named Project 305 – was licensed in the 90s in the expectation that this could break the world speed record for yachts and beat transatlantic record of 2 days, ten hours and thirty four minutes. (more…)

Hodgdon Yachts sets up Comanche racing yacht

It has almost been around a year since Jim Clark accredited Hodgdon Yachts to make him a brand new racing yacht. This last weekend, the new racer the Comanche, at last touched down in the waters of Boothbay.

Hundreds and hundreds of people assembled in East Boothbay’s Shipbuilder’s Park last Saturday, immediately next to the Hodgdon Yachts, to see the vessel’s launch. With red and black paint and at hundred feet long by thirty feet wide, the hull of the boat crawl out of its warehouse construction on stilts and made its path to the platform which would lower this into the sea. (more…)