Sailing through the Sound

A super yacht, worth £200million, has been seen cruising across the sound after being shifted from the dockyerd of Devonport. The yacht’s name is Alamshar. It belongs to The Aga Khan, who leads world’s twenty million Ismaili Muslims.

There were rumors regarding sailing about Aga Khan’s purchase after he came to lift it up at start of July. The 164 ft long yacht – named Project 305 – was licensed in the 90s in the expectation that this could break the world speed record for yachts and beat transatlantic record of 2 days, ten hours and thirty four minutes.

The boat, however, came back to dockyard 6 years ago after having been tested as yacht by charterers in Scotland revealed that it might reach just thirty knots. A spokesperson for Babcock denied commenting saying the company is under a privacy deal with the owner, and could not release any info.

Meanwhile, influential Brit yacht designer David Thomas has passed away at the start of the year, the Royal Southern Yacht Club fixed up their first David Thomas meet in festivity of this yacht designer.

The main speaker was Peter Poland, PBO contributor, a long standing friend of David Thomas, who made many designs as Hunter Boats’ co-owner. He told that Thomas has a natural understanding of what sailors look for – he has been Pied Piper of yacht architects that is his secret.