Yacht parking places goes for US$ 3 million

If you believe that you have a whole lot to park your car, so attempt to look for a place for your yacht. Well, as if the boats were not really expensive enough, but Harbour 26, a new “dockominium” in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, is charging up to US$ 3 million for yacht parking spots, said to Battle Plan Capital, an Alabama-based investment group behind the development.

The twenty six totally covered, hurricane-rated boat slips each come with a 2-story storage adeptness along with an enwrapped garage as well as additional car parking. The harbor that is around 5 minutes from Fort Lauderdale airport, is also set to have a full club house on the place, with a pool, entertainment and fitness centers, barbeque as well as twenty four hour security, in case owners are bored aboard their very own yachts. (more…)

Phuket Yacht event could not materialize

Following a lot of skepticism regarding the very first Phuket Yacht Show would happen, it has been declared that the 1st edition of the program has been called off for now because of circumstances that are beyond their control.

It had been scheduled to happen from 12th 15th February, at Phuket Yacht Haven Marina that is being remade to become grandest superyacht marina in Asia. The owner of marina and the show organizers tell that the present conditions mean it would be preferred for the show to be at a later date. No particular alternative dates have so far been declared.

Apparently, the postponement has been the final result of a push from the officials of the Thailand government to have this later in the year. Industry experts have also proposed the organizers of the show to increase the number of superyachts hitting the Thailand waters from Mediterranean for winter season.

Organizer 3L Events managing director Andy Treadwell stated that both his team and the Yacht Haven Marina team have all worked really hard to get the show off the ground this year. This is a hug project, and a highly significant one for yachting in Asia, but they all agree that it would be better to delay until conditions are perfect.

He further added that what is most important is the great interest the events start had triggered in this industry. They believe that this would be a great event as well as a great catalyst for the development of the yachting industry there. And the primary point was the center on charter, so it is also very exciting to have had a positive reaction from Thai government  this might offer a great boost to the industry across the world.

Greek Olympian Looking Forward To Encourage Sailing In UAE Children

Greek sailor hero Sofia Bekatorou is looking forward to encourage sailing in UAE children. The 2004 Olympic gold medallist spent a few days with Abu Dhabi school kids recently with the aim to interest them in sailing the very similar way she herself got hooked to the sport as a sprightly teenager.

The interesting part is that it was 1976 Olympic first female 10/10 gymnast champ Nadia Comaneci who nudged Bekatorou towards sailing.

“I was hugely inspired by her poster”, she remarked. “While I was heading to my gym, I kept on looking at my poster& started pondering, ‘Someday I would be just like her’. I feel at some phase, when you are a child, some people do impact you. It’s kind of like they alter your life.

Being top athletes, we posed our own stories to younger genre…here at Abu Dhabi”, she continued.”I do believe in it that we are able to inspire and motivate other nations, it’s an absolutely great idea.

“If I could have some contribution in making these children head to sailing clubs & try out the sport, then I would actually feel successful. It’s the ultimate theme. I did share my medal with the children as I wanted the younger ones to see & feel it. I feel this would able to inspire them, the very way I got inspired. I’m hopeful that I could be a major reason for some to get into sea & sail.”

The Greek sailing lady is at UAE for Abu Dhabi’s inaugural ISAF World Finals which started at Corniche this November.

The top twenty sailors in ten disciplines would compete for the championship titles. The season would culminate with rounds at China’s Qingado, Australia’s Melbourne, Miami, Spain’s Mallorca & France’s Hyeres.