1. Lazy Jack says:

    No thanks.

  2. James Christopher Oden says:

    I like the new forecastle design, from the waterline to below the weather

  3. James Christopher Oden says:

    with the price when new, tardiness is an issue on the Christening Cermony
    planned especially for special events, ceremonies, ect…

  4. James Christopher Oden says:

    I like the hull design, and the sleek weather deck setup.

  5. Zvonko Mokricky says:
  6. Johnnyclock says:

    No matter how expensive the boat, they all sound cheap when they creak…..

  7. krele74 says:

    excellent review.

  8. Joel Foote says:

    Bad boat

  9. Joel Foote says:

    Good review!

  10. Carlos Alberto says:

    Hermoso barco!

  11. John Cusick says:

    flipping lottery numbers never come up… one day!

  12. Fla Rio says:

    very good review! and the boat sails beautifully

  13. bon vivant says:

    A super model with a flat aft!

  14. Derek Gobel says:

    Like it!

  15. Bullerias says:

    Review some J/boats

  16. Scott Johnson says:

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