1. Paul Curzon says:


  2. webdog99 says:

    I’ll be first in line to purchase that “virtual” Duncan I can install on my
    boat! Many thanks for a very informative series.

  3. jhyacinth says:

    Really well done! The little trick changing fender heights is priceless. I
    often sail with a novice crew and watching them struggle to reposition
    fenders as we prepare to raft-up can be painful to watch. This will be a
    big help.

  4. jaxxbee12 says:

    Thank you Duncan. Love the bit about the marina being void of people until
    you make a mistake, so true.

  5. Duncan Wells says:

    Thank you for that. Yes perhaps sometimes I go too fast but then of course
    the beauty of video is that you can pause it or rewind. I’ll bear the speed
    thing in mind. And yes, my favourite, the spring. As a single hander
    that’s how I always do it. I had this in the video and then realised this
    video was about the problems and that I will be doing the springing
    article soon and so want to leave the video of it until then. So, coming
    soon, is all I can say. And I’ll watch the speed. Best, D

  6. 06caspar says:

    Helpful, clear and well presented, thank you. Could I suggest this would be
    improved by slowing it down slightly for the critical bits. I struggle
    remembering which lines / springs to take off in which order when leaving.
    Also if you get the chance, a video of how to use the midships spring line
    (single handed) would be great, with clear indication of which way to
    position the wheel / tiller. Good stuff, thanks.

  7. Kingfisherk26 says:

    Thanks Duncan this is the first YM vid I have watched and it was very
    useful. As a new Westerly Berwick owner I now know why my far more
    experienced friend Michael spent 10mins explaining prop walk to me. At
    Porthmadog we have the added problem that coming alongside and getting
    blown onto the mooring can mean getting tangled up on your pick up line
    (got the t shirt for that one already). John

  8. crimsonbarrie999 says:

    Excellent, as usual Duncan. Feel a bit better now about trying to get off a
    mooring agaist 3-4 knots of spring tide, 25 knots of wind aft and pouring
    rain in The Hamble this summer, in a charter yacht for the first time.

  9. S Fayers says:

    As commented previously. The fender height tip was worthy of the artical
    alone, a light bulb moment, thank you!

  10. Nigel Doyle says:

    As the others have said, many many thanks Duncan! As a new day skipper,
    this is exactly what I panic and sweat about. I reckon I could navigate
    anywhere, then bash the boat off everything in sight getting alongside.
    This video is a huge help. Keep up the good work!

  11. JandHfilms says:

    slow is pro!

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