1. Roger Spinks says:

    Very nice finish on this Discovery, I only see 2 problems with the boat 1st
    the helmsman is left out in the cold during a rain storm or just a cold
    night? 2nd problem is it’s a mono hull, why spend most of your sailing
    heeled over, unless you have one leg shorter than the other buy a Catamaran
    for more space per foot and a level ride. Comes in handy when paying for
    moorage fees. A 44 or 45 ft. Catamaran will give you as much space as a 60
    or 65 ft. Mono Hull?

  2. Shawn Mullins says:

    why is this boat so expensive? you can buy a beneteau sense 55 for waaay
    less… and its only a tad bit smaller…

  3. Steven Grimmer says:

    Brilliant video. Nice presenting.

  4. Jeff Puha says:

    This boat seems like a very good performer. Personally, I don’t like her
    lines. I feel she’s rather ugly. My big objection, though, is below decks.
    Her layout seems very choppy and cramped for a 57 ft boat. I also feel that
    there are too many different materials used below. There’s no cohesiveness
    to the look. It seems a jumble of various parts rather than a whole. Not
    for me. If anyone wants to see a beautiful, classic-looking boat in this
    length that also performs very well and has a gorgeous traditional
    interior, check the Cabo Rico 56 out. She’s just about my favorite under
    60-65 ft.

  5. Mark Stephen says:

    £1.3m for a Discovery 57 damn that’s EXPENSIVE 

  6. Trevor Vincett says:

    We delivered a 55 earlier this year. She was a great boat and this new 57
    looks even better . Look forward to sailing one. TVYachts 

  7. Brian Holdsworth says:

    As always, a very well-done video. What an incredible yacht, amazing
    performance, and thoughtful design. Want!

  8. volcomstonne21 says:

    you dickridin discovery

  9. Radu Roventa says:

    This guy is the best presenter. After watching his videos you really have
    an idea of the boat is like. Altho with his accent for a non-english
    sometimes I need to rewind sometime to be sure I understood :)

  10. AEKARA27 says:

    Very nice boat but way too expensive for a 57 footer. I would go for the
    AMEL 55 with the same equipment and save 300K at least.

  11. MtnGuyMike says:

    um. wow

  12. Mr. Midshipman says:

    After you buy a boat like even a 37 Hunter, you’ll start to see the real
    America, now lazy and fat and useless Americans are, cept to whine and
    bitch. If you need a whiny drunken bitchy crew. They’re good at that. Most
    don’t know the difference between a Halyard and a head. By the way, reports
    on those compact washer driers are they don’t work either:) Other than
    that, this is a great boat.

  13. 8wealthyone8 . says:

    This boat dont cost even $1 million. Much less. Anyway are there sailing
    boats with less ropes? ta

  14. riotagus says:

    Dear Santa, this christmas…

  15. UtubeAdminSucksAss says:

    Now that’s a review!

  16. Phil RIta says:

    Wealthy – this boat is $2mill new – 1.3 million pounds – not cheap !! Get
    that lotto ticket !!!

  17. Taylor Hernikl says:

    What a beauty

  18. de0xyrib0se says:

    Great boat. Its a shame majority of these gems sit idle at ports 98% of the

  19. manhenk says:

    the price is mentioned in the video info £1.3m :-O and I don´t Play the
    lottery either.. but that sure would be a boat that I could get acustomed
    to 😉

  20. baddogonline says:

    Everything looked great until you had to clean the SNOW off the windshield!

  21. andrecaldeira330 says:

    Amazing 🙂

  22. Bullerias says:

    First time I’ve seen an owner of a multi million dollar yacht use a wind

  23. 86daily says:

    Did I miss it? I did not hear the price on that boat. Of, coarse if you
    have to ask, you can’t afford it. Awesome boat in every way. Too bad I
    don’t play the lottery.

  24. William Warner says:

    Great review! Keep up the good work. Very Sharp setup, Cheers

  25. manhenk says:

    oh man, what a boat. perhaps if I win in the lottery, this might be an
    Option, other than that, I think I Need a new Hobby…. 😉 Great Review!!

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