1. R Williams says:

    If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it.

  2. Marc-Olivier Gagné says:

    Maximum speed is 12 kn

  3. Sean Williamson says:

    Brilliant a folding cupboard…Goat!

  4. Vercippu says:

    doesn’t look stabilized to me

  5. Byron Humphrey says:

    because Seakeeper gyro’s are better.!!!

  6. 8wealthyone8 . says:

    whats range and speed of this boat please? ta

  7. talijat says:

    €5.3 million

  8. ronada says:

    I have a better one

  9. YachtsForSaleCNI says:

    I visited the yacht yesterday at the Cannes Boat Show. She looks great on
    the video, but is 100X better in real life. I also found out about the
    SeaKeepers stabilisers. They actually take about 1 hour to build up speed,
    but you can have them in active mode or non – active. The 10 seconds to
    take effect is actually just turning them on to active mode.

  10. YachtsForSaleCNI says:

    Great Video – especially the demonstration of the SeaKeepers zero speed
    stabilisers. The Mitsubishi Gyro stabilisers that Ferretti use take 45
    minutes to build up speed and start to work, I wonder how the SeaKeepers
    started to take effect after just ten seconds!

  11. n3qdz says:

    looks like the latest BMW’s and a tug boat not to good looking. The insides
    is just a bit too “clean” A boat should have sexy lines and swooping lined.
    Sorry mate just looks like a shaved rectangle. Sorry man just looks clunky

  12. PaladinOrgy says:

    Too bad it’s so damn ugly…

  13. pasquale saliani says:

    Barca fantastica e realmente innovativa !

  14. jbss7382 says:

    No details of engines,and of course why are there no details about how the
    boats handle in 6-8ft waves , gusting 24 knots?? I use this comparison
    against the brilliant video by MJM Discussion! Watch that boat handle!!

  15. RayPlayable says:

    Great design

  16. Sean Williamson says:

    This boat looks terrible, whoever designed this, what a goat.

  17. abadplanner1 says:

    And the Oscar for the ugliest boat designed in the 21st century goes to…..

  18. randomman971 says:

    Everyone saying its hideous is probably on benefits and will never afford

  19. Sean Williamson says:

    What a goat.

  20. siemis1337 says:

    5,000 nm @ 9 kn

  21. Delveaux says:

    Dear Santa…….

  22. slickimilano says:

    I looks like an Azimut Magellano wanna be! Bad presentation cheep build
    poor design/layout need to do more with it to make it better! Need to add
    more high tech accessories and make it more luxurious if you really want it
    to stick out against other famous yacht makers. The hull seems good though
    and the space provided. cheers

  23. Leith Dooley says:

    Why is there no pictures of the helm its not in the October edition either?
    I guess it must be bland and boring. No pictures on the Wally website
    either that I could find.

  24. sgabriel says:

    I’ve been wondering about that, too. In fact, for such revolutionary design
    in aesthetic terms there were far too few photos in the October story.

  25. Volker Corell says:

    start working on your audio skills and buy a good wind sceen for your mike!

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