1. Steve Medeiros says:


  2. Life Before Work Travel says:

    #LBWtravel Yacht & #Tomorrowland vid from last year! Who’s coming this
    year? http://ow.ly/tuahg

  3. Life Before Work Travel says:

    LADIES! We’ve got a deal for you on Yachting Tours. Groups of 3 ladies will
    each get $100 off the tour price! http://ow.ly/sVpM6

    #LiveTheDream #LBWYachtParty #YachtX

  4. Hunor-Zsigmond Kun says:

    What is music names or URL? 0:46 good music :)

  5. Michael Markowsky says:

    Very sexy bum shake on the bow. I wonder who that is?

  6. Mustafa Erdogan says:

    0:44 Piştiiii ! 

  7. Johnny Mc Carthy says:

    Fucking shyte

  8. Kathleen Gallagher says:

    hey, whats the song starting at 0:46 ?

  9. Sencer Özdoğru says:


  10. Noelle Lynne says:

    looks like a bigger version of the yacht week + tomorrowland, yessss

  11. roxyloveswhose says:

    is this both croatia and turkey? can you do them together ?

  12. Eric Elder says:

    Can’t wait for this year. Unreal time.

  13. DJTIMBRO says:

    Best trip of my life! I will never forget you guys!

  14. DJTIMBRO says:

    I love Laura’s little dance at the glow party

  15. roxyloveswhose says:

    i want to go on this!!! 

  16. amuzikyX0 says:

    alright tentree apparel makes an appearance!

  17. Regina Oake says:

    Most incredible trip of my life. Hands down. 

  18. gansta bigstick says:

    orgy yacht

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