Andy Maloney Excited To Work With Josh Junior

Kiwi Sailors Josh Junior and Andy Maloney are planning to make a bright future for them. After achieving the Americas Cup with the New Zealand Team last year, the two sailors have gone back to the Olympic sailing field with a mission to compete at the Games. Although both are trying, only one would be eligible to make it to Tokyo in 2020. Maloney took part in the 2016 campaign of laser class and now turned to the Finn for this year. He has put himself in direct race with Junior as you can have only one representative from each country. There may be some underlying confusion for their supports, but Junior and Maloney are very clear and know what they want.

Maloney said they have planned it well and are in agreement as far as running the campaign together is concerned. They are keen to lend support to each other to improve to give out their best performance, and regardless of who goes to the Games, but the team will have a chance to win a medal. They believe that to reach to the top, a best training partner by your side is important. The duo has earned a spot in the country at the Olympics and will give it their best shot next month at the World Championships in Denmark. The Kiwis should reach among the top 8 nations to seek a qualification spot.

Maloney and Junior are open-minded and know very well that one would not be able to go to the Olympic and hence they are jointly doing all it takes to ensure that the country wins the medal. They are putting in best efforts to keep their sailing skills sharp to be the best champions to win the America’s Cup. It’s indeed a win-win situation for them, which is a rare sight one can come across in competitions.