1. louise12345 says:

    What was the point of this?

  2. planet4allofus says:

    Now you got a rowboat.

  3. SuburbAllied says:

    …everything is loose, but the shit is still floating

  4. enviro screens says:

    So the moral of this story is if you want your boat to blow up take the gas
    cylinder set it in the middle of the salon open the valve fully close up
    the salon and then you need explosives to light it off then it will blow up?
    Was there ever any question that it would blow up?
    If you left the burner on by accident with out it burning it may or may not
    blowup the same thing will happen to anything a car a house or a camper.
    I just don’t see the point of blowing up a boat when you already know what
    will happen. and you go out of your way to make it so.

  5. Dani H says:

    i guess this is appropriate to understand safety, to prevent something like
    that happening. I cant help but note how stupid you are for destroying a
    boat and its content in the sea though. Its not great for sea pollution is
    it… Humans never think. Maybe this could have been done in a large
    swimming pool in a testing facility so you could clean up after you. Every
    little common sense helps. something that no-one has nowadays. Plastic and
    metal shards now at the bottom of the sea, which effects sea life.

  6. Perizie nautiche - Marine Surveyor says:

    An interesting test done for “Yachting Montly”

  7. Roger Hudson says:

    My LPG gas cooker and system went in the skip when i bought my 27 footer, i
    now have Origo alcohol . Lovely cookers, if you spill alcohol just wash it
    and pump out.

  8. eiskorn12345 says:

    5:45 You’re welcome.

  9. Ralph Emtemark says:

    I love my alcohol stove!

  10. vexviper says:

    How do you ad the url in the time?

  11. launchsquid says:

    🙂 troll much?

  12. patrickrfaul says:

    5:48, man, that dummy really was suffering!

  13. CoalForEveryone says:

    B5 Hit.

  14. Egil Lomeland says:

    Very interesting series and a great end. Surprised the hull was still

  15. Bluenoser613 says:

    @photoman4you It was a LPG leak explosion not a gasoline explosion.

  16. KyleYankan says:

    You saw a lawn mower throw someone 50m through the air? Some fucking
    lawnmower. Asshole.

  17. Ibizaner says:

    i love exploiding sailing yachts, i hate sailing, sailing is shit

  18. davemakesawave says:

    I guess this is how to convert a yacht into a dinghy if in a hurry

  19. Karl Gustav says:

    if u are for the bang, 05:45

  20. Daveinet says:

    You forgot non-smoker and no pets.

  21. Mike Pickering says:

    Fantastic series guys. A LPG explosion is my most feared yacht incident.
    Hopefully this video will make people think more about Gas safety whilst
    aboard their yachts.

  22. alasdair geddes says:

    05:46 WOOOAOOW! AAAAAAGH! Sounds like he was on the boat!

  23. launchsquid says:

    🙂 troll much?

  24. David Griffitts says:


  25. ianjk says:

    Now, jury rig it one more time, sail up to busy dock, toss out some
    bumpers, spend extra time tidying up dock lines, making sure everything is
    perfect, carefully roll up the sail and bag it, toss on suit coat and then
    walk away like nothing is wrong and you were just out for a nice day sail.

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